Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

METEAN – Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

“Independence and self-determination“ – in recent years, this objective has been responsible for numerous developments of technical aids and assistive devices to support people in their home environment. Many of these developments are found on the market. These range from inconspicuous everyday products like the assisted bottle opener, through to fall detection sensors and emergency detectors, as well as complex systems for recording vital data and for fitness activation (e. g. GEWOS chair). The main purpose of these systems is to increase safety, independence and quality of life for people of all ages, particularly for the elderly.

What AAL Means

The term “Ambient Assisted Living“ (AAL) refers to assistive devices that facilitate an independent life in the comfort of the home environment. These assistive devices can increase safety and comfort, as well as promote independence. It is also understood to include concepts, products, and services that connect technologies and the social environment with each other, thus increasing quality of life.

Ambient Assisted Living Provides Support

  • for a longer, self-determined life in the comfort of one´s own home
  • for feeling safe
  • when care is required
  • for mobility
  • for participation in everyday life
  • for social contacts
  • in the everyday life of the care receiver
  • for the work carried out by carers

Our Contribution Towards This

The focus of the Medical Technology Test and Application Center METEAN in the field of technical assistive devices lies primarily in assessing the safety and technical functionality of new systems. In addition to clarifying the question on whether the expected functional scope tallies with the available technical options of an assistive device, METEAN carries out research into meaningful scenarios for their use and the best possible resultant combination of assistive devices for different fields of application. After all, acceptance of using new technologies will only increase when technology is geared towards the requirements of the user and is available on a reliable basis.